Strength & Endurance Training- The Beginners Guide

Building both strength and endurance isn't always an easy feat. Over the last handful of years, workouts and fitness styles have been created to help anyone achieve this. But WHY should we be training in such a fashion? How do you put this type of training into action? Here in our Strength & Endurance Training- The Beginners Guide you will read about the benefits of incorporating strength and endurance training.


strength- the quality or state of being strong, mental power, force, vigor, moral power, firmness and courage

en-dur-ance- the power to withstand pain or hardships; the ability or strength to continue despite fatigue, stress or other adverse conditions.

The best way to create change and build endurance and strength is to focus all of your energy on what you want and not what you currently have. Time, dedication and patience will allow you to achieve your goals. Here are a list of exercise movements for the main body groups to help you build on your strength and endurance

 strength and endurance training

The benefits of strength & endurance training are no brainers

1. It helps manage chronic conditions such as back pain, depression, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity

2. Helps reduce injury and inflammation, gives you better balance and makes you STRONGER!

3. a successful way to LOSE WEIGHT and burn extra calories!

4. increases bone density- reducing the risk of osteoporosis


Here is a list of some common exercises you can choose per body part. Putting together a workout in this type of order will give you a heart pounding and sweat filled full body endurance workout

*Step 1- warm up- band work, jumping jacks, cardio intervals

*Step2- legs & Buttocks- Jump Squats, lunges, bridge pose, leg curls, front squats, squat jacks, split squats, wall sits, sumo squats, roundhouse squat kick, pistol squats

*Step3- Back & hips- Bent over rows, dead lifts, kettle bell swings, burpees, good mornings,

*Step4- arms & shoulders- Planks, squat thrusters, tricep kickbacks, standing row, front & lateral raises, hammer curls, bicep curls pushup with row,

*Step5- chest- chest press, chest fly, push ups, dumbell pullovers, dive bombers, inchworm, decline pushup

*Step6- abs- planks, leg raises, reverse crunches, scissor crunch, starfish crunch, knee cruch, cross crunch, superman, heel touches, flutter kicks

*Step7- cool down- walking, stretching

Here's a sample workout you can do putting these moves into action

Warm up:

2 minute  jog

30 second sprint

30 second walk

2 minute  jog

30 second sprint

1 minute jog

30 second sprint

30 second walk

1minute jog

30 second sprint

1 miute jog

30 second walk

WORKOUT- repeat 3 times

20 jump squats- legs & buttocks

15 squats with pulses- legs & buttocks

10 burpees- back & hips

15 Kettle bell swings - back & hips

30 mountain climbers- arms &s houlders

15 tricep kick backs- arms &s houlders

5 push ups- chest

15 reverse crunches- abs

40 high knees

Cool Down

10 minute slow pace walk


3 minutes of side steps

5- 7 minutes stretching

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