5 Ways to Promote Muscle Recovery

5 Ways to Promote Muscle Recovery. It's no secret- we can't workout everyday and not overtrain our bodies. But adding in some post workout muscle recovery will help you become fitter,stronger and heal faster so you can stay loose and feel great day to day after training.

*TIP 1- Feed your muscles PROTEIN right after a workout. Protein helps aid the rebuilding of muscle fibers  that are damaged or torn down du to exercise. Repairing these muscle fibers help you reduce muscle soreness and lead you to muscle building (what your looking for!!) so you can eventually lift more and lift heavier. Aim for a 25 gram serving to promote this recovery. Here's a great smoothie that helps promote recovery:

1 scoop G6 Sports Vanilla Prolific whey isolate + 1/2 frozen banana + 1/4 avocado + 8 oz almond milk + 1 t cinnamon + handful of ice- blend all items together


*TIP2- HYDRATE your body- you lose a significant amount of water from sweating. Coconut water is a perfect after workout hydration system- it's loaded in potassium and magnesium  restoring the electrolytes you lost through perspiration. Try this refreshing slushy: 12 oz coconut water + 1/4 c frozen blueberries + 1/2 scoop G6Sports Mixed Berry Replenish + 1 T unsweetened coconut + ice- Blend all items together


*TIP3- Use ICE PACKS- Cold therapy such as ice baths or ice packs help constrict blood vessels which inturn reduces metabolic activity and reduces inflammation. When your finished and your body begins to rise in temperature your blood vessels dilate and your blood circulation improves. This speeds up the uscle recovery process. Ice baths are typically around 48- 55 degrees and most people are submerged for 5 - 10 minutes


*TIP4-  Add Stretching & Foam Rolling into your routine- Foam rolling increases blood flow, gives you better range of motion and applys pressure to those "trigger points" breaking up the tightness and releasing muscle tension. Stretching helps elongate the muscles and loosen them up. a few great stretches that promote muscle recovery are- Hip flexor stretches (loosens up the hips), Wall slides (increases blood flow throughout the body and shoulder mobility) and a yoga move- The Cobra (great for releasing your chest and shoulders), reclined Spinal Rotations (great to align the spine and stretch your back)


*TIP5- You need to REST- Get enough sleep each night- this is when your body builds those muscles! Take a day off each week and allow yourself to heal and prepare for the next influx of workouts. Rest is a great way to prevent imjuries and prevent further injury to body parts that may be to broken down.


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