Debunking the Top Bodybuilding Myths – Slideshow

No matter if your workout routine is a result of long-term trial and error or you’re just trying to bulk up for the upcoming beach season, there are hundreds of bodybuilding myths and claims that stand in the way of you and the results you crave.

So, just how do you separate fact from fiction when it comes to sports nutrition and bodybuilding? Follow along as the expert sports nutritionists from G6 Sports break down the most common myths that could lead you astray along your way to the ultimately ripped physique you’re after.

Myth 1: Increased Weight = Increased Fat

When it comes to adopting a new muscle building workout, many newcomers are quickly discouraged by the number they see on the scale. While for years, most of us have been taught that the lower the number, the better the gain, this is extremely untrue.

In fact, slight weight gain is a good sign that your weight training program is working to sculpt your body and add muscle mass throughout. In the first few weeks the number on the scale may climb as your body adjusts to its new gains, before dropping off as you continue to burn fat for a leaner, more ripped look.

Myth 2: You Can’t Build Muscle with Veggies

While several bodybuilders swear by their meal plans rich in proteins and little else, the truth is that protein is only one part of the equation to increased muscle mass in the body.

According to sports nutrition experts, the process of bulking up requires three consistent elements in your sports nutrition plan – stimulus from exercise, the right amount of calories, and nutrients to stimulate growth and recovery.

Vegetables are filled with slow-digesting nutrients and vitamins to keep your body’s muscles primed to perform at a moment’s notice. When combined with a meal plan rich in the proper proteins and sports nutrition supplements to maximize your gains, vegetables can play a huge role in reaching your body’s peak potential.

Myth 3: Carbs Are Bad For You

While without carbs it is true that you’ll give your body a quick boost to the amount of fat burned off with each workout, it’s nearly impossible for your body to keep up with the demand.

Carbs provide your body with the fuel, focus and energy needed to push yourself to the limit and get ultimate results. Carbohydrates are a great source of glycogen, which helps to get your body in prime position to bulk up on your next training session.

Myth 4: Salt Is Bad For You

When you consume the recommended intake of salt each day, the sodium benefits provided are essential to maintaining proper balance, health and muscle function in the body. Once you find your body’s sodium equilibrium, you’ll find yourself retaining less water and maximizing your workout.

Myth 5: Creatine Causes Weight Gain

As one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements on the market, it’s no wonder that many athletes load up on creatine supplements thinking they’ll see rapid results. However, taking creatine can often lead to an initial weight gain of anywhere from .8 to 2.9% of body weight after the first few uses if it’s not done correctly.

Following a low-dosage intake plan can help you control any water weight gain from the use of creatine workout supplements, and over time you’ll find that creatine does wonders to improve overall body composition.

Myth 6: If Your Aren’t Sore the Next Day, You Didn’t Work Out Hard Enough

Over time, your muscles will adapt to the changes in your workout activity, and you’ll find yourself feeling less sore even though you are pushing your body to the limit with every workout. When working out, you want to feel the burn really kick in on the last rep or two, ensuring yourself you push it to the max without over exhausting or damaging your muscles.

After every workout, be sure to use a post workout recovery supplement to provide your muscles with all the nutrients they need to repair lost tissue for maximum results.

Myth 7: A Fat-Free Diet is Good For Your Health

The truth is that maintaining a healthy meal plan requires you to consume some fats. Without fats, you’ll find yourself acting sluggish in and out of the gym. In fact, some fats are necessary in order to maintain healthy body and muscle function.

Essential fatty acids not only carry valuable vitamins, but they also can help combat symptoms of muscle inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and other heart & joint problems. In spite of its bad reputation, fats are not the enemy when it comes to bulking up.

Sports nutrition and bodybuilding are consistently ever-changing. With so much information at our disposal, it’s hard not to find yourself caught up in the latest trends that could set you off course on your way to the lean, toned physique you’re after. Don’t get caught up in the next false fad and stick with what works by using the extreme muscle building supplements from G6 Sports. Each of our bodybuilding supplements is put through countless quality assurance tests to give your body what it needs to reach its maximum potential without any of the excess. Start on your way to the body you’ve only dreamed about and try G6 Sports today.



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