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Muscle Growth

Supplements for Muscle Gain

While training and dietary changes can help you to increase your stamina and energy levels, sometimes it just isn’t enough. Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, swimmer or any type of athlete, endurance will play a pivotal role in your overall skill and level of performance. While intense exercise and rigorous meal plans go a long way towards improving your endurance, many athletes are looking for something more. Being able to perform longer without the strain of muscle fatigue can help give you the extra edge over your opponents, from shaving milliseconds off your running times to jumping a tad bit higher for a game-saving rebound late in the game, endurance is the key component of a winning formula.

Supplements for Muscle Growth

It goes without question that weight lifting and eating right is the most efficient way to build muscle, but what do you turn to when regular fitness and bodybuilding nutrition aren’t enough? Here at G6 Sports, we provide the best muscle building supplements to help you maximize your workout and growth potential. Utilizing cutting-edge nutritional technology, our muscle building supplements are manufactured to taste better, last longer and produce more effective results.

Nutrients Needed to Get the Job Done

If a ripped physique is what you’re looking for with your workout, pushing yourself to train harder, longer and heavier may not be enough. Without the proper bodybuilding nutrition and muscle growth supplements to add proper nutrients to your body, all your time in the gym may be being wasted.

In order to grow, maintain and repair muscle, your body needs the proper amount of protein intake. If you’re meal plan isn’t supplying you with the proper amount of protein for both the training and recovery process of your workout, you could actually be slowly losing muscle rather than gaining it. When looking to build muscle mass, your body needs extra protein to keep up with the high demand of breaking down and building up muscle tissue.

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Get Ripped with G6 Sports

When training hard isn’t enough, let G6 take your workout over the edge and help you develop strong, lean muscle.

Protein is the most crucial nutrient to intake. Increase your protein intake with G6 Prolific Isolate All-Natural Whey Protein. The use of a whey protein powder can provide your body with the extra protein it needs, digesting rapidly and quickly moving to help you build muscle, maximizing your bodybuilding workout results. For the best results, use of a whey protein supplement pre and post workout as well as when you wake up and before bed to support muscle growth, fat loss and prevent muscle breakdown.

If you are looking to build lean, toned muscle, let Anabolix work to provide you with extra strength needed to bring your workout to new heights. The Anabolix Test Boost/Libido blend works to naturally elevate your testosterone levels, allowing your body to gain lean, powerful muscle at a rate up to 50 times stronger than its competitors. Additionally, the EstroFix blend and AntiCatabolic Agent work to halt estrogen and support IGF-1 production throughout the body to promote powerful muscle gain and development.

A supercharged workout is meaningless without the proper muscle recovery. With zero refined sugars and 11g of BCAAs and EAAs, let Replenish be the dessert to your workout. Providing your body with the quickest and most efficient recovery on the market, Replenish allows you to finish your workout strong. Give your body the protein, carbs, sugars and antioxidants it needs alongside the patented Creatine Magnapowder to increase muscle output, create energy and promote recovery to help you prepare for the next challenge thrown at you.

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