60% of Americans are Still Unaware of the Power Behind Sports Nutrition Supplements

Athletes are always looking for ways to gain an advantage, whether on the field or in the gym. Even the fastest, strongest and most powerful performers are constantly looking out for ways to improve their game to outlast the competition.

One of the latest trends in the world of competitive sports is that many athletes are turning towards workout and sports nutrition supplements to help take their game to the next level. The obstacle that sports nutrition presents for these athletes is choosing the right workout supplements that will benefit their body and help them reach their true potential.

In a recent survey conducted by the sports nutrition experts here at G6, we can safely say that even with the rise in popularity of workout supplements, over half of Americans still don’t quite understand how these types of supplements can benefit the body.


So how do these sports supplements help you keep you on top of the competition? Follow along as we dig deeper into the results and help you discover how power-packed workout supplements can help take you to the top of your game and unlock your body’s true potential.

The Emergence of Sports Nutrition & Workout Supplements

Sports nutrition is nothing new, but the recent emergence of technology and innovations in the industry have taken the workout supplements of old to greater heights. Not only are workout supplement manufacturers focused on creating a superior line of workout supplements and protein powders, they are also turning their attention towards helping athletes be the best they can be with increased education and awareness.

According to the survey, the popularity of sports nutrition may indeed be having a positive effect on future generations. In fact, the younger demographics surveyed led the way in knowing just how sports nutrition and workout supplements could have lasting benefits on the body.


More education will only lead to increased innovation into the science of sports nutrition. Learning how the benefits of workout supplement usage and the advantages that sports nutrition can provide will only help to strengthen your game and reach your peak performance levels.

How Sports Supplements Work to Benefit the Body

Used in combination with a healthy meal plan and intensive training, workout supplements can provide athletes with a wealth of benefits to help them improve their overall strength and endurance. While it’s important to recognize that there is no magical pill or powder that will instantly maximize your strength, sports supplements may provide your body with long-lasting results to help improve your skills. When specific situations call for you to push your body to the limit, using the right sports supplements may help provide the extra boost of energy you need to exceed expectations.

Choosing from Today’s Most Popular Workout Supplements

Walking into your local GNC or vitamin store can be a bit overwhelming, with no shortage of pre-workout energizers, protein powders and post workout recovery supplements crowd the shelves. While the idea of “Getting ripped in no time” may seem ideal, avoiding empty promises and hype marketing is key to navigating your way through today’s overcrowded world of sports nutrition supplements.

  • Check the Label, and Not Just the Front:

    Many of the most popular workout supplements on the market offer empty promises galore, and the evidence is right there on the label. While all these promises may be tempting, the real power behind any workout supplement can be found on the backside of the packaging.

    Companies can make all sorts of vague claims on their label, but the only information that really matters is what’s listed in the facts and nutritional information sections. Pay attention to the words and the ordering, as companies are required to list their ingredients in order of most to least used. While a protein powder may list a ‘Protein Blend’ as their first ingredient, the blend could easily be a mix of proteins that leaves you with loads of filler and only a small amount of the high-quality whey protein isolate you are looking for. Do your research on a variety of sports supplement companies to help your body excel and cut out the excess.

  • Make Decisions Based on Your Fitness Goals

    Every time you hit the gym, you have an end game in mind. Whether you’re looking to build muscle mass or give yourself the endurance to outlast the competition and go that extra mile, choosing the right sports nutrition supplements may just help you get there.

    When intense training and exercise isn’t cutting it, sports nutrition and fitness supplements may help you unlock your body’s true potential. Take the time to assess your goals, macronutrient intake and calorie breakdown to figure out where the right workout supplements can help you step your game up.

  • Keep Your Meal Plan in Mind

    A common mistake that many athletes make while choosing their sports nutrition supplements is failing to match it up with their meal plan. Rather than replacing your meal plan, workout supplements should be used in combination to help give your muscles some extra oomph to help you overcome any obstacle thrown your way.

    One distinct advantage of using workout supplements is that they offer quick and easy nutrition even when you’re on the go. One key to keeping your body’s performance at its peak is to give yourself plenty of nutrients throughout the day. Sports nutrition supplements make it possible to provide your body with the energy and nutrients you need to perform better and last longer.

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