Inside America’s Workout Activity

Many people view the New Year as a time to change and gain a fresh start on many of their lifetime goals. One goal that many Americans strive for with each passing year is to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle by eating well and regularly working out the muscles in their body. Let's look inside America's Workout Activity

The fitness and workout supplement experts at G6 Sports recently surveyed over a thousand Americans from across the country to gain insight on the workout habits throughout the country.


When the survey was completed, G6 discovered that slightly over ¾ of respondents felt as though they did not workout enough. However, the results of the survey showed signs of emerging trends and insights on the workout habits throughout our country.

Does Age Make a Difference?

Breaking down the results, one of the most significant trends that can be found is the amount of ‘Yes’ responses by age.According to our survey, it seems that workout and fitness habits seem to taper off as one approaches the middle years of their life.


No matter your age, following a strict workout routine and making sure your body is getting the proper nutrients and minerals you need to recover is of high importance. Exercise is the key to healthy aging throughout your life. Your heart, brain and your body can all benefit from even just a little bit of exercise per day.

While many people may feel too busy with their daily lives to set aside time for exercise, the truth is that adding some extra physical activity to your daily live is a simple solution that will help you stay healthy in the long run. When combined with the right sports nutrition and recovery supplements, your body will be feeling better than ever.

The Gender Gap in Healthy Living & Fitness

Age was not the only factor that played a role in the responses, as a respondent's gender also seemed to have an effect on their response on if they felt they worked out enough.



One of the primary reasons that men seem more likely to go to the gym than their female counterparts is the aspect of motivation. For most men, the thought of getting “buff” and building larger muscle mass is more than enough reason to kick their fitness regimen into high gear. Despite this, many men just feel as if they are too busy to make a full-time commitment to their workout routine.

According to recent studies, the majority of woman have the desire to exercise more, but don’t out of fear of being judged by those around them. Despite this fear, it is crucial that women get a routine workout in order to stay mentally, physically and emotionally healthy. Working out can be a great way to reduce stress, and can also help reduce the risk of disease and improve your confidence.

The Importance of Working Out

Whether you are looking to gain lean and tone, build power-packed muscle mass, lose a few excess pounds or just lead a healthier lifestyle, routine exercise is a relatively simple solution to improve your health quickly. If you are looking to make a change to your workout routine, make sure your body is getting the proper nutrients to help supplement its added workload.

Nowadays, many of today’s top athletes and fitness enthusiast are turning towards workout supplements, whey protein powders and muscle recovery supplements to help keep their body primed to perform. In addition to a healthy diet, these power-packed sports supplements can help give some extra edge to your existing workout routine, improving results and helping you reach your fitness goals.

No matter what your end goal, let the line of sports supplements and all-natural whey protein products from G6 Sports help you get there. Our team of nutritionists, fitness gurus and athletes have come together to bring you some of the most cutting edge sports supplements on the market. Using only the highest-quality raw ingredients available, our line of all-natural whey protein products and workout supplements are designed to deliver you lightening quick results. Discover just how G6 Sports continues to revolutionize the sports nutrition industry and try one of our supplements today!


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