Eat to Grow

Stimulate your muscle growth and ramp up your fatloss simply by learning how to Eat to Grow. Consuming the right balance of healthy proteins, carbs and fats plus understanding how you should train for your body type, helps determine how your muscle fibers respond. Knowing your body type will also help decide what type of training you should be concentrating on.Below we will learn what foods work best and when we should eat them plus talk a bit about the type of training we need to be sure we're doing all we can to keep our muscles fueled! Nutrition really is key- it can make or break a persons physique. Last but not least- if you want your muscles to grow- you need to focus on recovery. You can read a bit more on recovery and foods to choose here.

 Eat to Grow


  • Ectomorph- Individuals that are tall and slender with extremely fast metabolisms, small bone structures, can be intensely energetic or exceedingly frigid, often they are persnickety eaters who don't have large appetites. They generally lack muscle and strength and are usually skinny but not lean or muscular. These individuals fall under the "skinny" types who seem to be able to eat anything but never gain weight.

Ectomorphs need to pay particular attention to weight training- compound movement type of workouts using heavy weights and low reps. They also need to pay particular attention to leg workouts- hone in on those large muscle groups to help add mass.

Meal plans need to be 50% -30% -20% carbs- protein- fat. This body type has a  high tolerance for carbs- consume lots of whole grain and complex carbs around workouts plus eating vegetable/ fruits at a 3:1 ratio per meal


  • Mesomorph- Individuals who have great genetics- you are the envy of most people. These individuals have instictive or natural athletic abilities- tend to be athletically nimble and agile, full of energy and never seem to get tired.  Along with being muscular and lean, these individuals can increase their body size quickly without much effort. They have optimal bone structure - defined chest and shoulders and a small waistline- and excellent metabolic rates. These individuals always maintain lean muscle tissue without putting any effort or training into their body.

Female Mesomorphs need to focus on circuit training to build tenacity and endurance without adding volume to their frame - and light weight training to sculpt and tone their body. While male mesomorphs need moderate to heavy weights to encourage growth in their muscles. These individuals need to change up workouts to continuously challenge or stimulate their muscles

Meal plans need to be 40% -30% -30% carbs- protein- fat. This body type has a moderate carb tolerance- consume whole grain or complex carbs around exercise- eat vegetable/ fruits at a 4:1 ratio per meal


  • Endomorph- Individuals who you can call CURVY-men usually have a round head, a round abdomen, short arms and legs with fat upper arms and thighs- and females in this group fall under the "pear shape " term- they carry their weight in the butt and legs. These individuals possess a great deal of body fat and have a tendancy to become obese. They usually have extremely slow metabolisms, large bone structures (thick wrists and ankles), they love to eat and have enormous appetites. These individuals are naturally big and strong but lack muscle tone, definition or any type of definition. This type may be the strongest but definitely has a harder time losing weight or fat.

Endomorphs need to pay particular attention to cardiovascular training. This exercise regimen will help them begin to lean this out- then they add in weight training. In doing this they have a better disposition how much muscle mass they need to put on- plus losing pounds and inches with cardiovascular training allows them to see a greater change in their shape. For this body type- training needs to keep your heart rate up- take very short breaks, about 30 - 45 seconds and rep ranges should be between 12- 15

meal plans need to be 25%-35%-40% carbs- protein- fat. This body type has a low tolerance for carbs- any whole grain or complex carbs consumed need to be eaten around workouts- eat vegetable/ fruits at a 5:1 ratio per meal (mainly vegetables)


Now that you understand what body type you are and how your meal plan is t be structures, here's a couple final tips to help with your muscle growth.

At all times - all body types must stay HYDRATED! Our muscles are over 70% water, so this clear and cool liquid supports protein synthesis, enhances strength and speeds up recovery. Water also flushes out toxins, helps us lose fat cells and keeps our skin moist and healthy.

PROTEIN consumption is a must for all 3 groups of individuals too. From building muscle mass tor adding in a low carb meal,  helping reduce fat or simply with muscle recover- protein plays a large factor in muscle growth no matter what group you fall into. Be sure to consume a whey isolate protein shake such as G6 Sports Nutrition prolific whey isolate after your workouts to help build and repair damaged muscle fibers


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