9 Benefits of Exercising

9 Benefits of Exercising

9 Benefits of Exercising are truly extraordinary- living better and healthier is a fantastic behavior. Although we are living in a world that encourages the opposite- lets see if these tips can convince people to start living better now and for the years to come

*Stronger Heart-You don’t need to be a hardcore athlete to boost your heart health. Moderate exercise can significantly reduce your risk of heart disease and other chronic illnesses as well as improve your endurance, strength and flexibility. Mixing up your cardio and doing Interval Training improves your muscular strength and endurance.

*Maintain a Healthy Weight - to put it simply, exercise burns calories and builds muscle along with increasing your strength and lung capacity. Exercise is a natural mood enhancer too, boosting serotonin levels and making you feel great. Going to the gym isn't always a necessity to burn calories, brisk walks in the park, taking stairs instead of an elevator or yard work and gardening all count as forms of exercise.

*Reduces Frailty of Old Age- Since this is a part of thenatural aging process, staying active promotes mobility, keeps the brain more active and improves your cardio vascular system. Swimming is a great choice to help not only with resistance Training but joint and muscle pain sometimes caused from walking or running.

*Increases Endorphin Levels- After about 30 minutesof exercise, endorphins are released. These tend to minimize discomfort and stress associated with exercise and interfere with the transmission of pain impulses to the brain. Boosting both endorphins and dopamine in the body, exercise can cause a euphoric feeling with in the body.

*Strengthens Bones- our bone structure are living tissues. When we add pressure to them (such as any form of exercise) they respond and adapt by building more cells; therefore becoming stronger and denser. Weight bearing exercises are best as they work the bones the most. Some great examples are running, jumping rope and hiking.

*Helps Relieve Arthritis- Stretching and flexibilty training is a great way to improve joint mobility, muscle strength, overall physical conditioning. These techniques are also called Range of Motion type exercises. They help increase muscle flexibilty and strength, normal joint movement and keep bone and cartiliage tissue healthy. "Warming Up" before any exercise program is a great example of stretch and flexibility training. Here's a short video on 6 moves for stronger knee's.

*Reduces Back Pain- Controlled and progressive back exerciseshelp distribute nutrients into your discs and soft tissues in the back to keeping these plus your muscles, ligaments, and joints healthy. Continuous exercise also helps an individual avoid stiffness and weakness.

*Decreases Risk of Metabolic Syndrome- exercise helps prevent the loss of muscle mass and reduces various ailments such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. Doing a single work out or a continuous training regimen, exercise helps reduce inflammation which is a causing factor in many of these ailments.

*Improves Circulation- All Aerobic Conditioning type of exercises challenge your body to work harder and become stronger.  As you train you will notice a decrease in grasping for air or huffing and puffing up those hills. Aerobic conditioning is also a solid way to help increase blood flow and decrease your heart rate.



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