4 Steps to 6 Pack ABS

4 Steps to 6 Pack ABS

Want a SIX PACK?  and we're not talking beer or soda!!!  There’s no doubt that shredded abs are one of the most desired fitness objectives. Abs might be challenging to achieve, but it’s not unattainable if the right steps are taken.

All you need to do is follow these manageable fat burning, muscle building methods, in the gym and in the kitchen, and you'll be on your way to a SIX PACK!!! Here's your 4 Steps to 6 Pack ABS

 # 1 – Take A Snapshot Of Your Diet   

If a basic prescription for acheiving a six pack is 75% diet and 25%working out, you’ve got to itemize what you’re eating.  Here's the first step, rid your diet of all types of junk foods. This includes processed foods, refined sugars, bread, grains, liquor and booze.  To make it easy- If you buy in the cereal & cracker aisle or anywhere int he middle of the grocery store aisles- PUT IT BACK

It may seen harsh eliminating all of these foods, until you recognize you're replacing them with well balanced and nutritional food items.  Eating fresh vegetables, lean proteins, berries and some other fresh fruits, healthy sources of fat, limited number of starches, and no added sugars will boost your metabolism and you will notice a surge in energy levels.  Target to eat 5-6 meals a day, this is 3-4 smaller meals and 2-3 snacks

# 2 – Carbohydrates  Aren't Always BAD

Once you get a gip on eating and eliminating all processed foods from your diet, – it’s time to mix up your carb intake.  If you were to eat a super-clean, low carbohydrate diet on a continual basis your body might begin to store fat.  Your stress and growth hormones could also go berserk; hindering your fat loss and muscle building objectives.

Avoid this altogether by rotating between high, moderate, and low carbohydrate days.  For example, consider three low carb days followed by one high carb day.  Or, two low, one moderate, two low and one high.  This approach is not an exact science and can be changed based on your specific training schedule.

 # 3 – Get Off The Couch

No more TV watching or video game playing. Your body is the only vehicle you have for th erest of your life span- Unfortunately, we can't TRADE then in!  What you need to do is get the most substantial work out and energy burn from your training performance.  You can do a million crunches that will burn a few calories and never see any fat loss or, you can use compound exercises to train strength and cardio at the same time.

Compound exercises employ multiple muscle groups at the same time.  Arrange movements like squates, dead lifts and thrusters and pair them with moves like burpees, kettlebell swings and box jumps

 # 4 – Cardio - It Comes In So Many Forms

We know- running on the treadmill or pounding the pavement isn't the most exciring form of exercise all the time and many people think basic cardio as such is the only way to lose weight and get a six pack.  Well, we can toss that idea right out of the window.  High Intensity Interval Training is a far more efficient approach for burning fat and preserving muscle than running for miles and miles.

During HIIT training, cycle though periods of maximum training or intensity with short periods of recovery at a limited or lowtraining.  You can do sprints on a treadmill or outside, jump rope or even create a body weight workout using exercises such as plyo lunges, jump squats and burpees to increase intensity and max out your heart rate. A good example of HIIT would be 30 seconds of HIGH INTENSITY then 10 seconds of REST. doing this for 15- 20 minutes can give you a heart pumping cardiovascular workout.


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