4 Ways to Boost Your Muscle Growth

4 Ways to Boost Your Muscle Growth

Strong is the new skinny, there is no question to it, though putting on muscle is easier said than done. Figuring out your desired body size and creating a workout formula may not be rocket science, but some science is still involved. One should know 4 Ways to Boost Your Muscle Growth. Though it might seem counter intuitive, for muscles to grow they first need to be broken down. This is what happens in weight lifting; creating of the best possible kind of injury to trigger satellite cells to rush at the scene and start the repair. The result is muscles that are bigger and stronger.

Maximum Muscle

So what exactly are the best methods of building muscle from training techniques as well as diets? The following are some tips through which one can improve their muscles as well as their overall strength.

Get Moving

To gain lean muscle as well as size, it is recommended that you focus on 4 main exercises- bench press, squat, overhead press and dead-lift. These aren’t just for power lifters. Research has shown that compound moves like the squat recruit groups of muscle and thus elicit a larger hormonal response, making them more effective in building muscle and strength when compared to more isolated movements like the leg extension. For the rep range, 5 or fewer reps for to improve overall strength while 6-12 repetitions are recommended for size gain.

 Let go and be free

Moves are not the only ones that matter, equipment is important too. Free weights should be given preference over machines, with flat benches, barbells and other free weights maximizing your muscle gain. Taking natural body building supplements also helps in boosting the whole muscle improving process.

Carrying on

If size is your goal then it is better that you prioritize muscle over miles. This by no means translates eliminating cardio exercises, rather just performing a different type of it. Focus on burning fat and preserving muscle. As part of the cardio routine, it is recommended to use hills sprints as well as farmer’s walk.

Eat up

Additional calories and protein need to be consumed when you are looking to pack on muscle though. When creating your meal plan, focus on the quality of food rather than the quantity. An athlete’s diet should not deviate from that of a healthy individual except in the amount calorie and protein intake. Apart from avoiding alcohol, refined sugars as well as processed foods, you should also consider taking muscle growth supplements to complete your bodybuilding nutrition. Bodybuilding supplements can help to protect and preserve your muscles during your rigorous workout routine.  Other than that, testosterone pills are also quite helpful if you are aiming to attain overall body strength.

The proper amount of exercise, protein intake and rest will be the most effective in helping you achieve your desired results. The process isn’t at all complicated; all it requires is a little bit of consistency. Fueling and challenging your body on a regular basis will surely give results.

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