Why You Should Be Taking: Pre-Flight

Why You Should Be Taking: Pre-Flight

What is Pre-Flight?

Pre-Flight is G6 Sports Nutrition’s exclusive pre-workout formula. It is made with three matrix components to help increase endurance, improve strength, and help you reach maximum pump. It is also formulated with no artificial sweeteners or fillers, so it is a super clean pre-workout to help you kick into gear and perform your best work out yet. Let’s look at each of the ingredients in the components of the matrix to see exactly why you should be taking G6 Sports Nutrition Pre-Flight.


Endurance Matrix:

This matrix has the ingredients CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine and Betaine Anhydrous. This is the matrix that helps with endurance and overall energy.

CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine is a leading ingredient in sports nutrition formulas and it is the only Beta-Alanine that is licensed under the NAI’s global patent estate for use as a human dietary supplement. This helps enhance your endurance, increase muscle strength, sharpen your focus, and helps you recover more quickly after a workout.

Betaine Anhydrous is a compound derived from the amino acid choline. Choline helps keep your metabolism and liver function properly. It also aids in muscle recovery as it is in the amino acid family. Betaine Anhydrous helps increase power output, making it easier to push through an intense workout.  It helps to increase your energy levels and your capacity to perform.


Strength Matrix:

This matrix component is formulated with the ingredients: Creatine Monohydrate and Creatine MagnaPower®. This is the component that helps with maximum strength for a better workout and better overall performance.

Creatine Monohydrate is one of the most popular ingredients in the dietary and supplement industry. It is widely known to help with increasing muscle strength and increasing muscle mass. Creatine is a key player in the energy system, as it is the primary source of ATP (the main energy substrate in our body). It helps to increase overall work capacity,  increases power and performance.

Creatine MagnaPower® is patented Creatine from Albion Human Nutrition, which is the leader in chelated mineral science. It creates a higher level of absorption and utilization than regular creatine monohydrate. It enhances the body’s natural ability to generate and regenerate ATP (the main energy substrate in our body) for maximum muscle performance.


Pump Matrix:

The third matrix in this pre-workout formula is comprised of the ingredients Citrulline Malate and Agmatine Sulfate. This matrix helps with overall muscle strength for maximum pump.

Citrulline Malate is the supplemental form of the non-essential amino acid citrulline. It is known to be the fatigue fighter. It helps you have longer workouts, less soreness, and better recovery. It also helps to keep an elevated level of amino acids in the blood to promote recovery and help build muscle.

Agmatine Sulfate is a derivative of the amino acid l-arginine. It is typically found in pre-workout supplements due to its energy enhancing properties. It helps to give you maximum pump, improved endurance, increased vascularity, and better overall athletic performance.


Why Should You Take G6 Sports Nutrition Pre-Flight?

Summary of the main benefits:

  • To Increase Endurance
  • To Sharpen Your Focus
  • Increase Athletic Performance
  • Enhance Your Energy
  • Help Your Muscles Recover Faster
  • To Help Increase Your Muscle Strength
  • To Increase Power Output

Not only does G6 Sports Nutrition Pre-Flight have multiple benefits, but it is formulated with no sugar, has no calories. Plus, it comes in three delicious flavors: Fruit Punch, Pink Lemonade, and Orange Mango.

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