4 Steps to Building Your Strength

4 Steps to Building Your Strength

Building muscle mass is a goal for many people, but few actually follow through because of the time and effort it takes. If you’re serious about gaining muscle, regardless of the reason behind it, you need to make sure you have a solid foundation to build on. You probably know that building muscle means you’re going to have to be hitting the weights hard, but there are other steps you can take to help you through the process, including proper bodybuilding nutrition and the addition of supplements for muscle gain.

Follow these steps to building your strength and you’ll soon find yourself making visible improvements in your physique and being one step closer to achieving your muscle mass goals.

Consistent Weight Lifting

While you know that you’re going to have to spend a good deal of time at the gym every week, there may be some confusion as to the best routine to follow when you’re trying to build muscle. There are several routine options to choose from and the key is choosing one that works for you. Avoid the common mistake of trying to cover more than one major muscle group per workout session. A good three day split to follow is chest/shoulder/triceps, back/biceps/abs, and hamstrings/quads/calves.

  • Take Adequate Rest:

Just because you want to pack on muscle doesn’t necessarily mean you should spend all your time at the gym. After a workout session, the muscles need adequate time to rest and repair or they won’t be able to grow. Start off with a few workouts a week and build up when your body has adjusted.

  • Track Your Progress

One important step many people neglect is actually tracking their progress. Bring a small notebook with you to the gym, and consistently write down the number of reps and the weight you’re lifting. This physical record will not only track your progress, it can guide your practice.

Solid Body Building Nutrition

While the gym is an obvious necessity, many people trying to gain muscle skip out on one of the most integral parts by ignoring bodybuilding nutrition. Eating so your body can gain muscle without gaining fat means dropping all the junk, soda, frozen foods, and processed crap most people eat regularly. You need to build balanced meals out of whole foods, making sure to include lots of lean protein, nutrient-rich, low glycemic carbs, and a generous portion of healthy fats.

What are the whole foods you may ask? Think about natural foods such as veggies, fruits, whole grains, eggs, fish, chicken breast, nuts, and so on. The more you work out and the stronger your muscles grow, the more fuel you’ll have to put it in. Don’t forget to include good fats that the body can easily burn for energy. Popular healthy fats include avocado, fish, nut/nut butters, olives and olive oil. For this reason, those looking to gain muscle mass should consider adding the best muscle building supplements into their diets.


Staying hydrated is one of the most important elements of any healthy lifestyle and it’s even more vital when it comes to exercise programs. Bodybuilders should be drinking around a gallon of water every day. For staying hydrated, cut out sodas and sugary sports drinks, instead opt for water with a bit of salt to help the body retain and process the liquid. It’s fairly common for people trying to gain muscle mass to add water weight, but this in term will translate into a leaner, more muscular body.

Adding Extreme Muscle Building Supplements

To get the absolute most of your strengthening routine and maximizing your growth potential, it's important to complement your meals and workouts with supplements for muscle gain. Keep in mind powders are the most effective and versatile form of supplements.

  • Protein Supplements

In addition to the lean proteins you are getting in your regular meals, protein supplements are an excellent way to pack in a bit extra and they are highly recommended for those trying to build muscle. Whey protein powders are some of the most popular forms of protein workout supplements as the powder can easily be added to a pre-or post-workout shakes.

  • Creatine

The best muscle building supplements pack a powerful dose of creatine. This naturally occurring nitrogenous acid has become quite the buzz in the muscle-building community and there’s truth to the hype. Creatine can give you extra energy to push harder and get stronger in your workouts, but it must be backed by a strict diet and training routine.

  • When to Take Supplements

Maximizing the effectiveness of your muscle building supplements means sticking to a schedule. Make your supplements part of your daily life by incorporating them into your morning routine, pre-workout ritual, or with a post-workout shake. The ideal timeframe is an hour or so before your workout or half an hour afterward, but ultimately the consistency and frequency are what really translate into results.

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