4 Secrets to Keeping Your Meal Plan Intact During the Holiday Season

Holidays are not exactly the ideal times to watch what you eat, or to go on a diet. They are days that are ideal for friends and families to come together and socialize, and a huge part of that socialization is eating and drinking. So, the idea is to be disciplined without coming off as a killjoy. Here are 4 Secrets to Keeping Your Meal Plan Intact During the Holiday Season

  1. Do not skip meals. While it might make sense to do so prior to going to a holiday party, skipping meals actually has the opposite effect. People who do not eat meals before going to a party eventually end up overeating, since they tend to compensate for their increased hunger. Additionally, parties may not always have the clean eating options you are looking for. Don’t force yourself to eat something that you absolutely can do without. Instead, try eating a smaller meal before heading out the door to help you avoid any less than healthy party time snacks.
  2. Avoid Snacking. There are some occasions when you discover that some of the food items are not to your liking. If that happens, do not hesitate to skip it. By abstaining from sampling every single food item displayed, it would be easier to keep away the pounds. At the same time, treat yourself to the foods that you absolutely love; just remember to do so in moderation.
  3. Avoid the alcohol and soft drinks—as much as possible. These items usually contain some of the highest levels of calories at parties. This is especially true for eggnog during the Christmas season. Luckily, some hosts present bottles of water as well. The ideal thing to do would be to drink water throughout the occasion. However, alternating between water and beverages is also acceptable. For a drink that is more suited to the season, try some hot apple cider and cinnamon or a low-calorie sparkling fruit juice or punch.
  4. Don’t get too close. The closer you are to the table of goodies or the bar where drinks are obtained, the more likely you would be to grab something to eat or drink. You want to keep yourself at a considerable distance from the food and drink to decrease your chances of being lured into eating and drinking more than you intended.

So, what if the aforementioned tips don’t work? Granted, it is always crucial to adhere to a consistent exercise routine to maintain a healthy weight. However, it gets all the more crucial during the holidays. Moreover, adding weight loss supplements can further assist in shedding the pounds. Whey protein in particular not only helps in losing weight; it also reduces the risk of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

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