MACH 1 Advanced Lean System


  • Boost Metabolism
    Formulated to help improve and maintain a healthy metabolism by targeting fat cells and helping your body burn calories faster.
  • Increase Fat Loss
    Targets fat cells to minimize body fat storage. Helps to burn fat and encourage healthy weight loss.
  • Enhanced Energy
    Helps to provide you with all day energy and mental focus to help tackle your intense training sessions with ease.
  • Lean Muscle Growth
    Key ingredients L-Carnitine & L-Tartrate helps to aid in muscle recovery and lean muscle mass growth.
  • Weight Management
    Helps to curb your appetite and calorie intake control while boosting your metabolism to help support healthy weight loss.

MACH 1 Advanced Lean System

Incinerate fat cells with G6 Mach 1 – a powerful weight loss supplement featuring cutting edge ingredients that boosts metabolism, enhance thermogenesis, increases energy and keeps you focused on your goals.  Containing powerful sources of thermogenic energy and fat lipolysis agents like CapsiMax and Higenamine HCL, Mach 1 will help you tackle your workouts and break through weight loss plateaus with targeted fat loss systems.  The advanced energy and focus matrix contains highly researched adaptogens and nootropics such as Huperzia Serrata Club Moss meaning Mach 1 won’t leave you feeling anxious.  In just one pill per day, achieve the lean physique you’ve been working for in no-time with G6 Mach 1.

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