Two Major Signs It's Time To Step Up Your Workout

Two Major Signs It's Time To Step Up Your Workout

Often, we think of our exercise routine as one that can stay static. However, that won't help maximize its effectiveness. The National Runners Health Survey found, shockingly, that over half of runners should increase their workouts for better results. Why? There are a few reasons, but the main two are simple: getting less out of workouts in terms of results, and getting less out of workouts in terms of energy. If these reasons sound like what you're seeing and feeling when you're working out, then you may want to consider stepping up your workout. Not doing so could destroy the all the gains you've already seen, experienced, and felt over time.

Red Flag #1: You're Doing the Same Pain, But There's Less Gain

Studies show that over time, the amount of exercise you do has less of an effect. You may begin to see that you are gaining weight, which is part of the aging process. Exercise that was keeping you perfectly fit before is not having the same effect, even though you haven't changed your workout routine. Thanks to the data in the National Runners Health Survey, we can now see that in fact aging runners have to increase their runs by 1.4 miles each year to compensate for middle-aged weight gain. While it's not being talked about much in the news (after all, only about half the U.S. is active, so they don't want to discourage those with low-impact workouts) the study discovered that having a workout routine something which must be adapted constantly over time.

Red Flag #2: Your Energy Levels are Catching Up to You

One thing folks with static exercise routines will notice is that after the initial addition of your exercise routine, your energy levels are more elevated than before the exercise program begins. But eventually, that initial pre-workout energy level that exists when you begin your exercise regimen starts to drop off over an extended period of time. When this happens, two things need to change. First, you need to change the amount that you're actually working out. But just as importantly, you will likely need to make changes in your diet. If you don't make changes to your diet, you may find your energy levels actually decrease in terms of terms of keeping up with your workouts.

Make Sure to Adjust Your Diet to Improve Your Energy

To account for the lost weight, you are going to need some quality sports nutrition supplements, as well as protein powder to help increase muscular growth and better maintenance. As you age, you are fighting the natural tendency towards doing less and increasing your workouts. However, to increase the size of your workout, you need to adjust your diet to reflect that more of your work towards staying fit by ensuring that you can maintain optimal energy levels overall.

Which Supplements Are Right For You?

One thing to keep in mind is that no two routines are going to work identically. Only you know how your body works, so it's important to choose supplements that will help you reach your goals. Digesting calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D is a very useful way to work on bone strength, and because this is ultimately about keeping fit, no discussion of supplements is complete without discussing the amount of protein that you are digesting.  If you are doubling your workout, for example, not accounting for your body’s increased protein requirements could cause you to even lose muscle. So make sure that you account for these two important changes that can affect your diet when you change your exercise routine.

A Complete Approach to Adding More Exercise To Your Routine

Adding more exercise to your routine has some serious advantages. People who exercise more are at lower risk for heart attack and stroke overall, as well as lower risk of heart disease, diabetes and gout. But make sure that when you do try to increase your routine that you do it right by adding increased nutrition to help offset the extra caloric burn. Not doing so is actually dangerous to your health at worst, and at best can make you feel less inclined to increase your workout. So bring up that workout and add more nutrition to your diet today, and add years to your life tomorrow.

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