Make your Workout work for you

 Make your Workout work for you: There's much more to a great workout regimen than a positive attitude and a good fitting pair of shoes. Finding the time to fit these routines in 5 times a week besides keeping yourself interested in fresh and fun workouts can be challenging.  You may even have simple questions like: When do I do cardio, before I train- after I train? When do I use supplements or better yet- what supplements do I take or NEED? So before we begin, you should probably ask yourself: What do I expact to gain from my workouts?

Here's a few tips to get started before you design your workouts:

* Stay hydrated- consume a minimum of 64 oz water a day including 16 oz before a workout and 16 oz  with in the hour after. Hydration not only supresses "fake" hunger pangs, it rejuvinates the skin and helps pass toxins out of our bodies.

* Incorporate a warm-up into your training session- Simple excercises such as jumping jacks, juming rope, band exercises, stretching or steps ups can help you reduce and limit injury and get your muscles prepared for heavier and longer workouts

* Keep your workouts interesting- Join a friend a couple times a week or try a video workout by an expert trainer. Also, keep a weekly list of goals- reaching these milestones daily will help keep you on track and excited for your next training session

When building your training sessions, you'll want to combine components of strength and cardiovascular training, core strengthening, sport specific exercise, and flexibility training.

Make your Workout work for you

*Set Realistic Goals: You want to choose goals tht are achievable such as, choosing more fruits and vegetables and less sugary filled snacks during the week, or adding in a 5 minute "bonus burn" workout 3 days a week after your normal training session. These are lists that you as an individual can exceed at and use to challenge yourself. Everyone's list will be different  and specific to what they want to earn week to week

*Choose the right workout staging: if it's Weight Training or HIIT, Yoga or Tabata- creating a good mix of workouts will help train and strengthen your entire body and keep you challenged throughout your week. Here are a few examples of the types of workouts you can do within your weekly training.

*Types of Flexibilty training- Stretching and Range of Motion exercises- hamstring stretches, groin and bicep stretching.

*Strength & Resisitance training-  Planks, wall slides, Push ups, sit ups, crunches, squats, leg abduction and adduction

*Cardiovascular & aerobic training- HIIT,  kettlebell, circuit training, Plyometrics, tabata, swimming, jogging, tennis, crossfit, kickboxing

*Core training- Supermans, Lunge with twists, planks on abalance ball, oblique twists, hip lift, V-sits, side planks

*Supplements and Rest- Each individual has different needs on supplements- depending on how long and how much they train. But simple to say- with any training your body will always benefit from added protein, and glutamine. Both supplements help your muscles to recoever faster than repairing on their own. This allows you to have less muscle soreness and to challenge your workouts longer. Rest is a must. sleeping 7 - 8 hrs per night and taking 1 entirte rest day per week will enhance your workouts and allow you to build lean muscle mass.


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