Ingredient Spotlight: Agmatine Sulfate

[fusion_text] Ingredient Spotlight: Agmatine Sulfate – Take your Workout to the next level

Step up your preworkout supplementation with Agmatine Sulfate.  In most preworkout supplements on the market today you’ll see arginine, agmatine sulfate brings an optimized level of muscle growth supplements far surpassing the benefits of arginine and is one of the key ingredients in G6 Sports


What is Agmatine Sulfate and the science behind it

Agmatine Sulfate is a naturally occurring compound that is created when the amino acid arginine is broken down and is a key modulator in the Nitric Oxide synthesis in the body. NO synthase plays an integral role in increasing blood flow throughout the body (also known as vasodilation) which in turn increases the amount of nutrients getting to your muscles resulting in increased muscle size as the given muscle (or muscle group) is worked aka increases your “pump”.


What this means for your Muscle Growth


 At G6 Sports, we deliver the best workout supplements for athletes and we deliver on those claims – you can read it on the label.  G6 Sports Preflight Preworkout supplement will provide the best preworkout energy with quality ingredients like Agmatine Sulfate to maximize your muscle growth and complete your sports supplement plan.   Whether your training focus is bodybuilding, endurance sports or all around athletic performance – see the difference when you try the best supplements for athletes produced by G6 Sports.

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