Drink your Way to Weightloss

Drink your Way to Weightloss

Drink your Way to Weightloss- try these easy make recipes to help cleanse your body of toxins and reduce symptoms to help prevent conditions before they start. It's a great feeling to get rid of fluff anf flab and to lose a few pounds along the way.


Lemon water- Helps boost your metabolism by increasing your metabolic rate- Try this recipe when you wake up each morning:

8 oz water + 2 t lemon juice + 1 t honey- mix- enjoy


Cinnamon- stabilizes your blood sugar, helps you feel satiated and reduces cravings. Cinnamon is also a natural thermongenic. Widdle your waistline with this recipe twice a day:

8 oz hot water + 1 t cinnamon + 1 T honey- mix- enjoy


Honey- aids in proper digestion- helps reduce bloat- and it's sweeteness cuts down on cravings. Try this recipe 1- 2 times daily:

8 oz hot water + 1 T honey + 1 T lemon juice + 1 t cinnamon


Green tea- speeds up your metabolism naturally because it contains caffeine- theobromine- saponins- theophylline and epigallocatechin: these compunds lead to thermo-genesis which increases the heat in your body- inturn increasing your metabolic rate,this tea also- strengthen your immune system, reduces inflammation, lowers blood sugar and promotes respirtory health. Try this AMAZING smoothie:

1/2 c coconut milk + 2 cups ice cubes + 2 t matcha green tea + 1 t honey + 1/4 t vanilla extract


Chamomile tea- helps you rest and recover better- it mellows the muscles in the stomache and eases digestion. This tea also reduces headaches and seasonal allergy sysmptoms:

brew tea in water- add 1 t lemon juice + 1 T honey - garnish with orange slices


Lemon balm- reduced stress, tension and nervousness- helps increase seratonin levels too.  have this as a cup of tea or here's a great sleep balm recipe:

1/4 c lemon balm + 1/4 c chamomile flowers + 1 1/2 c coconut oil + 2 T beeswax + lavendar essential oil + vitamin E oil-

melt coconut oil in a double boiler on low heat- add herbs and essential oils. Take herbs off the heat and strain mixture into a  bowl- wipe pan clean and add coconut oil mixture back in. Add 5-10 drops lavendar oil. Add 10 drops of vitamin E oil. Add Beeswax stir until it melts. Pour mixture into DRY containers- allow it to dry.


Peppermint- rids you of BLOAT, nausea and motion sickness, helps with digestion, skin irritation and acne too. Try this berry cooler recipe:

6 peppermint tea bags + 1 c frozen rasberies + 1/2 gallon water + sweetener of your choice. Brew water over tea bags- add sweetener and stir- add frozen berries and mash. enjoy


Here's a quick 1 1/2 minute video on how to plant your own herbal garden


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