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Like you, the G6 team doesn’t want to just compete, we want to stand out. At G6 Sports, we are determined to change the industry standards by offering some of the most cutting-edge nutritional supplements the world has ever seen, revolutionizing the supplement industry along the way.

Vertically Integrated
= Quality Control

In-House Manufacturing Process

Always seeking that competitive edge, we transformed the industry by taking our manufacturing process in-house, giving us complete control over our product. We guarantee every product we offer is manufactured using only the highest quality of ingredients and is subjected to our rigorous, industry-leading quality control standards. Every supplement we offer is produced in small batches in our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Pittsburgh, Pa, guaranteeing our supplements make the grade each and every time.

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G6 Sports’ Supplement Facts

Acknowledging a shortage of professionally crafted, high-quality protein powders and supplements on the market, our expertly trained and qualified team of professionals relentlessly searches to uncover the best raw ingredients available. Unlike other supplement companies, we are committed to giving your body what it needs to excel without any excess.

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Manufactured in-house instead of outsourcing like the majority of sports nutrition brands.
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