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BCAA FUEL Intra Workout Muscular Support Formula

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  • 5:1:1 BCAA Ratio
    BCAA FUEL contains essential branch chain amino acids and an electrolyte blend.
  • Recover Faster
    This product helps with muscle building and recovery while providing muscular energy, endurance and prevents dehydration.

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BCAA FUEL Intra Workout Muscular Support Formula


Do You Want to Get More Out Of Yourself During Workouts? You’re Already Putting in The Work, Why Not Make It Really Count.

BCAA’s help prevent the breakdown of protein during a workout. Branch chain amino acids are known as the famous BCAAs (Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine) These tough guys help prevent the breakdown of protein during a workout. Since these three special amino acids do not have to be taken to the liver to be converted into glucose for energy they are first inline along with lipids to be utilized after muscle and liver glucose storages are running low. So keeping branch chain amino acids elevated during physical activity will prevent the likelihood of metabolizing protein, help with recovery and actually increase your physical activity endurance. Electrolytes play a huge role in hydration and promoting proper body functioning. Having balanced electrolytes maintains proper water levels, blood viscosity, and smooth muscle contractions.


Helps With Muscle Building – Provides Muscle Endurance – Increases Recovery – Prevents Dehydration

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