Justin Shirk's Favorites Stack

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    This stack contains products that contain key ingredients to help support lean muscle growth, unsurpassed strength, improve overall athletic performance, & achieve results faster.
    Prolific Isolate helps to build lean muscle mass, help boost your immune system and promote healthy weight loss.
    Replenish and BCAA Fuel is formulated with branch chain amino acids to help promote muscle recovery and repair.
    Key ingredient Pre-Flight help to increase your energy to allow you to get through even your toughest workouts.

Justin Shirk's Favorites Stack

Justin Shirk’s favorite G6 Sports Nutrition products are now available in this bundle! This enhancing stack helps to enhance your overall athletic performance. Prolific Isolate is the optimal supplement for those looking for a clean protein powder. Prolific Isolate is the cleanest, non-GMO, cold processed, ultra-micro-filter whey isolate protein powder. Prolific Isolate helps you to build muscle strength, combat fat storage, and increase muscle mass. G6 Sports Nutrition Pre-Flight helps to fuel your workout by providing you improved endurance and enhanced energy. Pre-Flight contains zero sugars, zero calories, and no artificial fillers, colors, or dyes, making it a clean pre-workout formula. BCAA Fuel is a 5:1:1 BCAA ratio that helps to prevent dehydration and promote muscle recover and repair. Replenish is formulated with 20 grams of whey protein and 11g of BCAA's to help promote a speedy muscle recovery so that you are less sore after your workout. This stack will help to fuel your workout, replenish you after a workout, and help to reduce your muscle soreness. This is the ultimate stack for those looking to enhance their athletic performance, enhance muscle recovery, and increase energy and endurance.

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