Infographic: Amino Acid Spiking of Whey Protein

With the rising popularity and demand for whey protein, many protein powder manufacturers have been found to be “spiking” their protein supplements with cheap amino acids. The problem is that many of these essential amino acids are already found within the raw protein ingredients, meaning that customers may be paying more money for less of what they actually want. With these amino acids showing up as proteins with test results, it is more important than ever for both athletes and fitness enthusiasts to take the necessary steps to ensure their protein supplements are free from amino acid spiking. Why Do [...]

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Ways to Speed Up Post Workout Muscle Recovery

It should be fun getting in shape or staying in shape: lifting weights, doing push-ups, jogging on the treadmill. However, it’s never fun when the muscle aches creep in after the workout. It feels like your body is breaking down, which is exactly what is happening—quite literally. So, that means that your body needs to recover, which doesn’t mean that you can lie on the couch, watch TV, and stuff your face with pizza. Rather, it means that you can do the following things: Get rehydrated It’s important to drink substantial amounts of water during your workout to keep yourself [...]

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Health Benefits of Whey Protein Isolate

Even if you find yourself eating right and working out consistently, seeing the rewards of such efforts isn’t always immediate. Often, people who work out regularly find themselves needing more protein in order to build muscle. However, the benefits of a whey protein isolate don’t end with muscle growth, in fact there are a full range of health benefits that can make the addition of a whey protein isolate a healthy choice for your lifestyle. Athletic Performance and Muscle Growth Naturally, several athletes and bodybuilders can benefit from the extra boost in protein thanks to protein powder. Whey protein powder [...]

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