Feel the Burn: 3 Tips to Watching Fat Melt Off Your Body

If you're like most people, there's a little fat on your body that drives you crazy.  It's the extra tummy flab, the love handles, flabby arm fat, or just general body fat. Even people who regularly work out often have difficulty shedding the fat while trying to build a better physique. Regardless of what area it is, you want a way to lose that extra fat while still maintaining a lean, muscular physique underneath. The good news is that burning off that fat isn't impossible. Following a careful exercise program, enforced by a balanced diet of whole foods and the [...]

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7 Steps to the Ultimate Beach Body

With summer right around the corner, there are several workouts you need to incorporate to bring out that ultimate beach body. A number of people try muscle building supplements leading up to the summer to bring out the definition of the muscles. Use these training tips to help you lose the extra fat and improve the way your muscles look. Evaluate Your Current Lifestyle & Physical Status At least a month or two before you are ready to hit the beach, you need to look at your current lifestyle. Take some time to really look into your diet and your [...]

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4 Secrets to Keeping Your Meal Plan Intact During the Holiday Season

Holidays are not exactly the ideal times to watch what you eat, or to go on a diet. They are days that are ideal for friends and families to come together and socialize, and a huge part of that socialization is eating and drinking. So, the idea is to be disciplined without coming off as a killjoy. Here are 4 Secrets to Keeping Your Meal Plan Intact During the Holiday Season Do not skip meals. While it might make sense to do so prior to going to a holiday party, skipping meals actually has the opposite effect. People who do not [...]

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Drink your Way to Weightloss

Drink your Way to Weightloss- try these easy make recipes to help cleanse your body of toxins and reduce symptoms to help prevent conditions before they start. It's a great feeling to get rid of fluff anf flab and to lose a few pounds along the way.   Lemon water- Helps boost your metabolism by increasing your metabolic rate- Try this recipe when you wake up each morning: 8 oz water + 2 t lemon juice + 1 t honey- mix- enjoy   Cinnamon- stabilizes your blood sugar, helps you feel satiated and reduces cravings. Cinnamon is also a natural [...]

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Effective Ways to Burn Fat | Slide Show

If years of neglect have allowed your body to slowly gain pound after pound, you may be surprised to learn that some hard work and a dedicated mind is all it takes to help you return to your former self. The human body is incredibly adaptable, more so than many people think. Ridding your body of excess fat is easier than a lot of people think, and many people can often get rid of their excess pounds much quicker than they brought it on. Here are 9 tips that help kick start your weight loss efforts. Stay Off the Scale [...]

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Superfoods to Achieve Weightloss

Eating your way to weightloss is what everyone wants to hear. Consuming the right foods can help amp up your calorie burn and help stop those nasty cravings. Here are some Superfoods to Achieve Weightloss Superfoods to Achieve Weightloss Kale- is very high in beta carotene, vitamin K, vitamin C, and rich in calcium. Kale is a source of two carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin. Kale, as with broccoli and other brassicas, contains sulforaphane (particularly when chopped or minced), a chemical with potent anti-cancer properties. Boiling decreases the level of sulforaphane; however, steaming, microwaving, or stir frying does not result in significant loss. [...]

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Why Are We Gaining So Much Weight?

Why Are We Gaining So Much Weight? The onslught of obesity as a whole has become increasingly concerning. In just a short period of time, we have transformed from a relatively fit population to one that is exploding at the seams. From 1980 to 1991 obesity rose in men 8% to a total of 21% and 9% in women to a total of 26% of the total population . In a single year from 1999 to 2000 the obesity rate skyrocketed to 28% of men and 34% of women. To put this into perspective, the obesity rate in 1960 was less than 1% of [...]

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